Things I've built in 2011:
Grouper · Biography · Qomments · Paper Buff · QNA
Hi, I'm Michael
I code
and design
useful apps
I was born and raised outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I went to college at Yale. I dropped out after my freshmen year to start a tech company, but I returned and recently graduated. Now I live in New York City.
I spend most of my time with Ruby and Javascript. Some of my favorite tools include Rails, node.js, MongoDB, Redis, jQuery, AWS, & Heroku. I'd love to learn a new JVM language like Clojure, & I'm currently learning Objective-C and the iOS SDK.
I happily struggle with design every day. As Steve Jobs once said, "[Design is] not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Some things I've built in 2011 include: Grouper (a social club), Biography ("life-graphing"), Qomments (a comments system based on Q&A), Paper Buff (a social news reader), and QNA (a mini Quora for your website).